5 Ways 117 Inc Builds a Culture of Friendship

Great leaders in business and great businesses do things differently than the norm. It used to be thought that you should never work with your friends because they will distract you, take away from the company culture, or even go dog eat dog and start going after your career. It is very common for leaders to be wary of their team members becoming too close and disrupting productivity. Our team here at 117 Inc knows that the opposite of this is true! (We even have research to back it up) Being friends with your coworkers actually creates a healthy, relaxed atmosphere that encourages positivity, teamwork, and commitment. Why? Having friends at work makes it easier to hold people to high standards because you know what they are capable of doing and know their personality well enough to help them reach their full potential! Not to mention when you like who you’re working with, you’re more inclined to like the work you’re doing!

It’s no secret that we are pretty close here at 117 Inc. Since opening, we travel across the country together, spend one night a week bonding outside of the office, and always make it a point to develop individual relationships with one another. Looking at how our company has grown, we have found that there are four big ways that build a culture based on friendship. Continue reading for all of the details!

1)We made friendship a company value

Being friends with one another is a part of our job description. We thrive on positivity and camaraderie. This means that when you join our team, you are joining a family! 

2) We allow people to be themselves

Our team is wildly eclectic. Our core leaders come from very different backgrounds; every single employee at 117 Inc is expected to be themselves both inside and outside the office. We want our team to feel comfortable being who they are. It is important for us to create a culture that is inviting, welcoming, and authentic.

3) We host tons of team building activities

Don’t worry introverts. We won’t bring you onboard just to throw you to the wolves. We host weekly team building activities that help our crew slowly start to develop friendships. The goal is to create genuine bonds between people!

4) We share our company goals and vision

You can’t have a team bought into your company if they don’t know where they are going. Not knowing why you are working so hard can push people apart. By explaining our purpose, our team knows why they are doing what they do. It helps reinforce our values and build camaraderie because we are all in the same fight towards the same goal.

5) We’ve established great habits

Small habits create success. This is the mindset that we have as we tackle our morning and weekly team rituals. This helps create consistency and strengthens the bonds between teammates who do not normally interact together.

Our management team here at 117 Inc is obsessed with our ability to put our people first. We know that by creating a company culture built on friendship, we are guaranteeing not only our success but the success of every person that walks through our doors. As a young business, we have a lot to learn, but we are proud to say that we are experts in the field of friendship!

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