How to Earn Loyalty as a Leader

By Sandy RogersShawn Moon and Leena Rinne

Are you a leader who earns loyalty from your employees and customers?

To change the behavior, engagement, and loyalty of employees, the leader’s mindset and resulting behaviors need to change. Many managers get their jobs because they’re technically skilled, but they may not have learned how to model, teach, and reinforce the behaviors needed to earn the loyalty of others. Employee loyalty comes from genuinely caring about their thoughts and ideas, sincerely wanting to understand their goals, then helping employees achieve them. It comes from a willingness to appreciate employees’ contributions.

Just as true loyalty comes from feelings deep inside you, the power to inspire loyalty comes from deep inside as well. It’s fundamentally a question of the kind of person you choose to be.

You’ll find that winning the heart of every customer and colleague begins with you.

Learn more HERE!

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